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The GICC is established to promote cricket in Switzerland. We celebrated in 2007 our Club 5th Anniversary with a glorious "GICC Cricket Festival" covered by a Swiss romand television channel. Our vision and goals are to promote sports, encourage competition and hence participate in improving Cricket standards in the country. Our home ground located within the Sports Stadium at Bout-du-Monde is an ideal place for Cricket & family outdoors activity.

14 August 2016 – Friendly T20s Geneva International CC vs Cossonay-TGF
Geneva International CC 59-4 off 11 overs & 239-3 off 20 overs (Dilbag 2-2-0-2 & Vicky 54*, Balaji 54*)
Cossonay-TGF 58 ao off 16.1 overs & 105-7 off 20 overs (Bintu 24*, Andrew 2-13 & Andrew 70*)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 6 wickets & by 134 runs
Man of the matches: Dilbag Singh & Vignesh Sethuraman

24 July 2016 – League match Geneva International CC vs Cern CC

Geneva International CC 409-6 off 40 overs (Sanket 166*, Balaji 76, Balaji 3-23-4, Habib 3-44-8)
Cern CC 180-9 all out off 25.2 overs (Matthew 56, Chris 3-47-8, Phani 2-63-6)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 229 runs
Man of the match: Sanket Pithadia

Geneva International CC (GICC) set a new record of 409-6 as Highest Winning Team Scores in Cricket Switzerland Premier League on 24 July 2016 in a glorious victory vs Cern CC.
Records tumbled as GICC hosted Cern at Bout Du Monde Stadium. On a sunny day GICC Captain Habib Choudhury won the toss and elected to bat first. Leo and Balihar opened the innings and were given instructions to loosen their arms and play the "aramsai aggressive" mantra style of play. The pair did not disappoint with some excellent shot making against the new ball, the first wicket partnership of 67 set the platform well. Cern introduced their experienced bowler C. Onions(3-47-8) to steady the ship. Some disciplined bowling followed claiming the wickets of both openers. Balihar caught on the boundary for 20 and Leo bowled on 40. The batting strength of GICC showed through though as charismatic batsmen Balaji arrived at the crease accompanied by Habib and they stemmed the flow of wickets. Habib succumbed to the ever persistent Onions snicking one behind on 29. Amar came in for a quickfire 21 seeing off Onions final over before a moment of confusion saw him run out. This seemed to be a tactical sacrifice having seen off Onions bowling spells, in stepped Sanket "the sixer" Pithadia. Balaji kept the runs flowing with some signature classic shot making whilst Sanket settled himself. Balaji was unfortunate to be out on 76 after pulling a short delivery directly to square leg to the bowling of Phani (2-63-6). 

What followed next was a brutal assault on the Cern bowlers. Not in the mood for singles in a glorious sunny day, Sanket made it rain sixes as he unleashed his hay maker SS ton bat to dispatch the ball effortlessly. After reaching his maiden 50 off only 23 balls it was becoming clear which way he was heading. He needed only another 15 balls to reach 100 as GICC placed fielders in the forest in expectation of more crushing sixes. Some loose bowling by Cern followed as they bowled numerous wides in a vain attempt to contain the uncontainable Sanket who finished on 166 not out off 53 balls with 21 massive sixes, supported by Vignesh & Sikkander rotating the strike at the death. GICC finished with a Goliath total of 409-6.

Lunch eaten, GICC took to the field. Vignesh took the new ball and made an early breakthrough in the first over with Cern batsmen John out for a duck snicking one caught behind by Balihar. GICC confidence was brimming now. However Cern were down but not out. Paul & Chris commenced an aggressive chase of runs accumulating boundaries and scoring at an exceptional rate. At 50-1 after 5 overs a change of bowling brought the breakthrough, Habib taking the wicket of danger man Paul caught in slips by Vivian for 35. This brought Cern skipper Matthew to the crease and at 109-2 off 10 Cern was ahead of the run rate. Matthew continued the aggressive batting with some big shots backed up by Chris and the partnership was looking dangerous. Habib eventually frustrated Chris who nicked one behind on 49 to Balihar behind the stumps who caught everything that came his way. The breakthrough was made however danger man Matthew was still at the crease at drinks. 

GICC were rejuvenated after drinks assisted by the 11 man search party finding the new ball lost in the forest in the 4th over of the game. This enabled Habib to pin down Matthew with the in swinging deliveries and eventually forcing the wicket with a snick behind on 56. GICC were on the rise and spinner Balaji was introduced to the attack to force the wickets of the new batsmen. Balaji delivered with the wicket of the Claston. This was shortly followed by a double wicket maiden prompting the skipper to take him out of the attack! Showing strength and depth Dilbag and Sikkander finished the job off professionally with Cern all out for 180. Balaji 3-23-4 and Habib 3-44-8. A good attempt by Cern but the consistent bowling saw GICC ease home in the end. No doubts as to the man of the match Sanket Super Sixes Pithadia.

17 July 2016 – Friendly game Uprising vs Geneva International CC
Geneva International CC 183-4 off 20 overs (Amar 35*, Balihar 24, Sanket 4-14, Balihar 2-27)
Uprising CC 112-10 off 18 overs (Synictero 25, Rajesh 21)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 71 runs
Man of the match: Amar Nanjundamurthy

09 July 2016 - League match Geneva International CC vs Swiss Colts
Swiss Colts 186-8 all out off 34 overs (Cumberland 55*, Andreas 33, Poyton 4-43, Winckel 2-34)
Geneva International CC 171-10 off 29 overs (Leo 79, Bakir 1-13)
Results: Swiss Colts won by 15 runs

3 July 2016 – League match Geneva International CC vs Cossonay CC
Geneva International CC 298-6 off 40 overs (Habib 86, Amar 87, Bakir 64*, Habib 3-66, Bakir 2-24)
Cossonay CC 259-10 off 37.4 overs (Bernard 61, Sunil 49, Saurab 3-67)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 39 runs
Man of the match: Habib Choudhary

26 June 2016 - League match GSLCC vs Geneva International CC
Geneva International CC 255-8 off 40 overs (Habib 143, Balaji 34, Dilbag 1-22, Thomas 1-33)
GSLCC 260-3 off 25 overs (Uddika 174*, Selvan 4-28)
Results: GSLCC won by 7 wickets
19 June 2016 – Pickwick T20 Swiss Colts vs Geneva International CC
Geneva International CC 128-9 off 19.4 overs (Sanket 36, Sanket 2-10)
Swiss Colts 117-8 off 20 overs (Thomas 25*, Ashwin 2-15 )
Results: Geneva International CC won by 11 runs
Man of the match: Sanket Pithadia

19 June 2016 – Pickwick T20 Cossonay vs Geneva International CC
Cossonay CC 184-5 off 20 overs (Sathya 109, Tillipan 5-9)
Geneva International CC 56-9 off 14 overs (Jibran 2-38)
Results: Cossonay CC won by 128 runs

12 June 2016 - League match Geneva CC vs Geneva International CC
GCC 246-10 off 37.4 overs (Haques 62, Anser 3-37)
Geneva International CC 141-10 off 30.3 overs (Jibran 4-44,Thomas 2-40, Leo 2-47)
Results: Geneva CC won by 105 runs

5 June 2016 - League match GXIStars CC vs Geneva International CC
GXISCC 384-4 off 40 overs (Mhd Ali 109, Mounir 78, Arjun 3-19)
Geneva International CC 176-9 off 22.5 overs (Sanket 47)
Results: GXIStars CC won by 108 runs

22 May 2016 – Pickwick T20 Geneva International CC vs Uprising CC
Geneva International CC 185-2 off 20 overs (Balaji 88, Habib 64, Amar 4-8, Balaji 2-8, Sanket 2-14)
Uprising CC 115-10 off 19.4 overs (Baskar 38, Pardeep 29 )
Results: Geneva International CC won by 70 runs
Man of the match: Balaji Ramamoorthy.

22 May 2016 – Pickwick T20 Geneva International CC vs GXIStars CC
Geneva International CC 160-10 off 20 overs (Balaji 77, Vignesh 34)
GXIStars CC 161-3 off 14.2 overs (Lallit 68 , Asgher 3-31, Aamir 2-22)
Results: GXIStars CC won by 7 wickets.

15 May 2016 – Pickwick T20 Geneva CC vs Geneva International CC
Geneva CC 208-6 off 20 overs (Ankit 91, Afif 3-29, Khurram 2-1)
Geneva International CC 121-10 off 20 overs (Balaji 25, Balaji 3-32, Thomas 1-18)
Results: Geneva CC won by 87 runs.

8 May 2016 - League match Uprising CC vs Geneva International CC
Uprising CC 113-10 off 27.3 overs (Lalla 19, Rajesh 2-26)
Geneva International CC 118-3 off 21 overs (Balaji 55*, Thomas 5-16, Leo 2-15, Balaji 3-42)
Results: Geneva International CC won by 7 wickets
Man of the match: Thomas Probert.

24 April 2016 – Friendly game Geneva International CC vs Bern CC
Geneva International CC 310-10 off 39.3 overs (Habib 95, Amar 37, Balaji 5-45, Sikander 2-32,
Jibran 2-46)
Bern CC 310-10 off 40 overs (Asim 94, Lalit 58, Hamad 2-32, Asim 2-38, Nazar 2-48)
Results: Match tied.

10 April 2016 – Friendly T20 Cossonay CC vs Geneva International CC
Cossonay CC 150-6 off 20 overs ( Sathya 49, Yeti 29, Thileepan 3-18, Jai 2-19)
Geneva International CC 136-5 off 20 overs (Amar 41, Richard 2-9, Habib 3-27)
Results: Cossonay CC won by 14 runs.

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